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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

Urban Planning Against Poverty

[Open access book] Urban planning was implemented in Europe and Northern America during the nineteenth century with the objective of bringing order and coherence to  cities  that  were  experiencing  a  whole  revolution:  new  industries,  urban  sprawl,  migratory flows from rural areas to urban settlements. Without entering into too  much detail, it is important to underline that urban planning was essentially conceived as a technical instrument and as a spatial methodology to organize space,  without paying much attention to social problems. This approach and accompanying  specialization  of  competences  were  transferred  to  developing  and  emerging  countries throughout the twentieth century, oblivious of the problems of another  kind and another magnitude faced by cities in the South.

On the basis of these presuppositions, this book intends to examine urban planning  as  it  is  practiced  today  in  Southern  countries,  from  a  double  perspective:   (1) how conceptual and methodological precepts can be questioned when applied to  different societal contexts than those they were originally intended for, (2) how to  re-invent urban planning so that this instrumentation be really useful to the cities of  the South in their fight against poverty and segregation while fostering a more sustainable and inclusive urban development. This reflection is very important in any  urban context, but it is particularly urgent that it be addressed in small and medium  sized cities that lack the human and financial resources to tackle these issues.

[Read book]

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