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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

Invisible Labor: Precarity, Ethnic Division, and Transformative Representation in Landscape Architecture Work

[Behind paywall] For designers concerned with social and spatial justice, it is necessary to expand the context of landscape work beyond a site’s physical and historic narratives to include the … Continue reading

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Gentrification through the ages – A long-term perspective on urban displacement, social transformation and resistance

Gentrification is one of the most striking urban developments of our time, radically impacting residential, consumption and investment patterns, and urban culture more broadly. Commonly explained as the transformation of … Continue reading

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Writing Across Contexts: Urban Informality and the State in Guinea-Bissau, Estonia, and Germany

Urban research has long related informality to a lack of state capacity or a failure of institutions. This assumption not only fails to account for the heterogeneous institutional relations in … Continue reading

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Vertical informality: The case of Kufr Aqab in East Jerusalem

This paper explores the phenomenon of vertical informality, an under-studied form of informal housing at large scale, and the role of developers within vertical informality. We investigate the case of … Continue reading

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Cities and the SDGs: Realities and possibilities of local engagement in global frameworks

City action is critical to achieving global visions for sustainability such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). However, SDG ‘localisation’ is complex procedure, with divergent outcomes depending on context … Continue reading

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Urban informality, politics and power in Egypt

“The Egyptian military regime of Abd al-Fattah el-Sisi has announced as part of its Vision 2030 its intention to eliminate informal urban areas. The regime has identified these areas – … Continue reading

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Southern Theory without a North: City Conceptualization as the Theoretical Metropolis

There have been calls to broaden urban theory to incorporate learnings from the Southern or ordinary cities (periphery). These calls are often placed as a counter to the hegemony of … Continue reading

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Formalising and Informalising Labour in Vietnam

Originally posted on JCA:
Joe Buckley is an independent researcher, based in United Kingdom, with a recent SOAS PhD. His new article for JCA is “Formalising and Informalising Labour in…

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Is urbanisation in the Global South fundamentally different? Comparative global urban analysis for the 21st century

A vigorous debate has emerged in recent years over how to understand cities of the Global South. A pivotal issue in this debate is whether urbanisation processes in the South … Continue reading

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