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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

Informality – addressing the Achilles heel of social protection in Latin America

WIDER 2019 Annual lecture was delivered by Santiago Levy and discussed the challenges of social protection in economies with large informal sectors, such as in Latin America. Currently less than … Continue reading

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Reproduction of Inequalities in the Implementation of Social Policies

The main goal is to identify and take inventory of the different mechanisms through which the day-to-day operations of government and the encounters between service workers and users may engender … Continue reading

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The Neo-colonization of Central America

The colonization of Latin America never ended, it merely changed forms. Today this conquest continues, with transnational companies driving neo-colonization grounded in the continued exploitation of natural resources. This is … Continue reading

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Understanding Latin America’s Financial Inclusion Gap

This paper analyzes Latin America’s Financial Inclusion Gap, the difference between the average financial inclusion for Latin America and the corresponding average for a set of comparator countries. At the … Continue reading

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The New Poor in Latin America

In this paper we identify a group of people in Latin America and other developing countries that are not poor but not middle class either. We define them as the … Continue reading

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Towards an inclusive city

Andrea Cubides – There is a deep need to focus on more inclusive ways of shaping cities since more than half of the world´s population now live in them. All … Continue reading

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The quest for universal health coverage: achieving social protection for all in Mexico

Felicia Marie Knaul et al. – Mexico is reaching universal health coverage in 2012. A national health insurance programme called Seguro Popular, introduced in 2003, is providing access to a … Continue reading

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Financial Development in Latin America and the Caribbean

World Bank – The report provides both a stocktaking and forward-looking assessment of LAC’s financial development. Rather than going into detail about sector-specific issues, the report focuses on the main … Continue reading

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Women Play Key Role in Economic Gains in Latin America and the Caribbean

World Bank – Women’s growing participation in the workforce had a major role in poverty reduction in the region. Without their work, extreme poverty in the region in 2010 would have … Continue reading

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