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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

Transnational Social Movements in ASEAN Policy Advocacy: The Case of Regional Migrants’ Rights Policy

Various processes have swept over Southeast Asia in the last four decades, producing pressures not only in the economic but also in the political and social milieus. When these processes … Continue reading

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East Asia’s Changing Urban Landscape

Urbanization is transforming the developing world. However, understanding the pace, scale, and form of urbanization has been limited by a lack of consistent data. East Asia’s Changing Urban Landscape aims … Continue reading

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Measuring Social Protection Expenditures in Southeast Asia

This paper provides a cross-country analysis of social protection programs in Southeast Asia. ADB’s Social Protection Index is used to assess program coverage, benefit-level, and impact on poverty and gender … Continue reading

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Stricter Web Regulation in Southeast Asia

While Southeast Asian governments are enhancing the delivery of online services for the benefit of their citizens, they are also instituting tougher internet regulations which many analysts believe could be used to … Continue reading

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Changes at the Bottom of the Pyramid

Societies in Southeast Asia have changed tremendously in the last few decades. Rapid economic growth and rural-urban migration have spurred a frantic urbanization process. Megacities such as Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, … Continue reading

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The Future of social contracts

Jorge Carrillo –  The notion of social contracts (or social compact) has re-entered the development discourse in the context of extending the politics of poverty reduction and social protection to … Continue reading

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Southeast Asia: Contemporary Multi-national Nations

Jorge Carrillo – Migration is one of the markers of globalization and it can be a decisive factor in the success of the societies willing to tap into the potential … Continue reading

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The Future of History

Emerging signals for change regarding history and Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia is one of the world hubs of culturally rich ancient ethnic groups with diverse social structures. The region embraces … Continue reading

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