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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

The social realities of knowledge for development

Knowledge and evidence for policy and practice matters in any context. But critical scrutiny of this process is particularly important in development contexts, where knowledge is often produced or brokered … Continue reading

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The Future of Knowledge Sharing in a Digital Age: Exploring Impacts and Policy Implications for Development

We live in a Digital Age that gives us instant access to information at greater and greater volumes. The rapid growth of digital content and tools is already changing how … Continue reading

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Uncovering the Politics of ‘Evidence’ and ‘Results’

Rosalind Eyben – This paper disentangles the historical threads and origins of results-based management and evidence-based policy/programming discourses. She discovers a strong ‘family resemblance’. Both assume that evidence pertains largely … Continue reading

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The (not so) easy task of translating research into policy and practice

Lindsey Jones – How can research feed into development policy and support positive change? This question remains critical to the development research community, and attempts to answer it often rest … Continue reading

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Well-being and the Art of Measuring the Invisible

Romina Boarini – Measuring well-being, an endeavour that more and more scientists over the world, as well as policy organisations such as the OECD, pursue seriously and systematically, is to some extent … Continue reading

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Technology, Knowledge and Global Health

Ursula Casabonne and Charles Kenny – The Best Things in Life are (Nearly) Free: Technology, Knowledge and Global Health In this paper, background to Kenny’s book Getting Better, the authors investigate the cross-country … Continue reading

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