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India’s Safecity gives women a voice against violence

Safecity is an online platform where women report personal experiences of sexual violence in public spaces. The website takes these crowd-sourced reports and maps them to show where the “hotspots” … Continue reading

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Cities in Bad Shape: Urban Geometry in India

Cities are valuable to the extent they bring people (and jobs) together. To what extent is this value affected by the difficulty of commuting from various points in the city … Continue reading

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Waste not, want not

The working lives of India’s urban waste pickers show the hidden connections between everything that matters in the city. Managing India’s urban waste will always be about more than just … Continue reading

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Socioeconomic Welfare among Gender and Sexuality Non-normative People in India

This case study explores the socioeconomic experiences of gender and sexuality minority peoples in India, especially in respect of ways in which sexual and gender ‘difference’ may be correlated to … Continue reading

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Tackling Urban Violence through Citizen Engagement and Community Action

Urban violence is an urgent and growing problem in many cities across the world. It comes in a multitude of forms such as gender-based violence, gangs and drug-related violence, police … Continue reading

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Urban Poverty in India and Post-MDG Framework

In spite of rapid economic growth over the last decade, India’s urban areas show high levels of inequality, with many social groups being left behind in most of the areas … Continue reading

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Corporate colonisation of new India

Graham Peebles – Twenty years of corporate colonisation of the Indian countryside has fuelled conflict, forced-urbanisation and the breakdown of the democratic ideal. The fight for land is occurring in many … Continue reading

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Tackling corruption in Indian medicine

Dinsa Sachan – Some doctors and non-governmental organisations are taking up the fight against corruption in Indian medicine, which many observers claim is widespread in the country. Kickbacks have been … Continue reading

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Government-Sponsored Health Insurance in India

Author: World Bank Public financing for health in India is low, leaving households to rely heavily on out-of pocket payments for health expenses. New World Bank research finds over the … Continue reading

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