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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

Urban Planning and Violence: Cause or Catalyst for Change?

This paper argues that exclusion and violence are imprinted on the social and spatial fabric of cities and neighbourhoods, and that social and political divides are often manifest in the … Continue reading

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The City of the Global South and its Insurrections: Algiers, Cairo, Gaza, Chandigarh, and Kowloon

This presentation constitutes a rather shallow examination of five cities’ reciprocal influence between their urban fabric and their insurrections and counter-insurrections operations. These criminalizing discourses construct an imaginary of these neighborhoods that … Continue reading

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Making the Urban Poor Safer: Lessons from Nairobi and Mumbai

In Nairobi and Mumbai, urban violence concentrates in the poorest areas where lack of employment, adequate housing and public goods, and individual and collective coping strategies are most acute. As … Continue reading

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Prevalence of and factors associated with non-partner rape perpetration

Jewkes at al – Our study provides evidence from a large multicountry study that non-partner rape perpetration is quite prevalent among men in the general population across a range of diverse … Continue reading

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