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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

Structure and agency: The seeds of sustainability for 21st century cities

Merely critiquing cities’ unsustainable throughputs is not enough, and mistaking them as parasites is even worse because it usually precipitates highly ineffective solutions (e.g., making cities less city-like). We must … Continue reading

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Entering the city : emerging evidence and practices with safety nets in urban areas

Most safety net programs in low and middle-income countries have hitherto been conceived for rural areas. Yet as the global urban population increases and poverty urbanizes, it becomes of utmost … Continue reading

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Towards a regional democracy? – An interview with Edward Soja

Edward Soja passed away recently. In this 2011 interview, he defends the idea that we need to change the way we think about the social and political organization of urbanized territories … Continue reading

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Urbanisation, rural–urban migration and urban poverty

Rural-urban migration continues to attract much interest, but also growing concern. Migrants are often blamed for increasing urban poverty, but not all migrants are poor. In many cities, however, migrants … Continue reading

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Gender and Urban Climate Policy

In the context of gender and climate change, focus is often laid on women as a particularly vulnerable group that is strongly affected by the impacts of climate change. While … Continue reading

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What is Urban Decay? (And Why the Answer Matters)

Cities have begun requiring developers of large-format retail stores (aka: “big box stores”) to prepare what is called an “urban decay study.” The study is meant to identify possible environmental … Continue reading

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The Metropolitan Century

The report provides an outline of recent and likely future urbanisation trends and discusses the consequences. The world is in the middle of an urbanisation process that will cause urbanisation … Continue reading

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How Chinese Urbanism Is Transforming African Cities

The factory of the world has a new export: urbanism. More and more Chinese-made buildings, infrastructure, and urban districts are sprouting up across Africa, and this development is changing the … Continue reading

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Incremental Housing – The new site & services

The rapid urban population surge of the 60s driven largely from migration with resultant massive unauthorized city expansion provided challenges in finding effective housing interventions.  Upgrading programs became widespread despite … Continue reading

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