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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

The Urban Geographical Imagination in the Age of Big Data

This paper explores the variety of ways that emerging sources of (big) data are being used to reconceptualize the city, and how these understandings of what the urban is shapes … Continue reading

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The Capability Approach in Development Planning and Urban Design

The collection of work by Masters students and staff hopes to question, complement or propose new ways of thinking about capabilities and explores how the capability approach can be applied … Continue reading

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Just Cities for Children: Voices from Urban Slums

Just Cities for Children: Voices from Urban Slums highlights World Vision’s experience in supporting children to express their ideas for a better city to key decision makers on a global … Continue reading

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Rapidly urbanising Nepal and youth unemployment present challenges to security provision

Rapidly urbanising Nepal and youth unemployment present challenges to security provision. Last month’s budget announcement for 2014-15 highlighted the problem of unemployment and youth drain from rural areas but made … Continue reading

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Top 100 City Innovators Worldwide

The movement to build, support, and sustain liveable cities worldwide is well underway, with individuals all over the globe and across numerous industries committed to leading the charge. Today, we’re … Continue reading

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Uncharted Territory: The Power of Amateur Cartographers

Katie Collins – As populations continue to shift, environments continue to change and cities continue to grow, there needs to be an ongoing remapping of the world around us if we’re … Continue reading

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Reconstituting Governance

David Sasaki – Citizens feel disenfranchised from the political system because participation still favors the wealthy and powerful. However, there is another, equally important issue, which is the scale of governance. … Continue reading

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Future Proofing Cities

A major new report ‘Future Proofing Cities’ has been published by Atkins in a unique partnership with the Department for International Development (DFID) and University College London (UCL). This report … Continue reading

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