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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

Resilience: the big picture – top themes and trends

This report uses infographics to identify the key themes and emerging trends in resilience thinking and practice. The report includes sections on: The rise in the use of the term … Continue reading

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The Urban Political Ecology of the 2011 Floods in Bangkok: The Creation of Uneven Vulnerabilities

This paper uses an urban political ecology analysis to question the discourses used by Thai government leaders regarding the causes of the 2011 floods in Bangkok and the solutions that … Continue reading

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World Cities Report 2016

Key Messages: When well-managed, urbanization fosters social and economic advancement and improved quality of life for all. The current model of urbanization is unsustainable in many respects. Many cities all … Continue reading

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Structure and agency: The seeds of sustainability for 21st century cities

Merely critiquing cities’ unsustainable throughputs is not enough, and mistaking them as parasites is even worse because it usually precipitates highly ineffective solutions (e.g., making cities less city-like). We must … Continue reading

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Transforming cities for sustainability: facts and figures

Architects, engineers, urban planners, civil society and policy makers face the challenges of creating sustainable, healthy, ‘smart’, ‘green’, adaptive, inclusive, productive, safe, flexible and resilient cities. These are just a … Continue reading

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Gender and Urban Climate Policy

In the context of gender and climate change, focus is often laid on women as a particularly vulnerable group that is strongly affected by the impacts of climate change. While … Continue reading

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What is Urban Decay? (And Why the Answer Matters)

Cities have begun requiring developers of large-format retail stores (aka: “big box stores”) to prepare what is called an “urban decay study.” The study is meant to identify possible environmental … Continue reading

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Linking Resilience and Sustainability in City Planning

Timon McPhearson – Cities around the world are making plans, developing agendas, and articulating goals for urban resilience, but is urban resilience really possible? Resilience to what, for what, and … Continue reading

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The Potential and Limits of the ‘Resilience Agenda’ in Peri-urban Contexts

Béné et al – Today, it is acknowledged that peri-urban space plays a critical and increasing role in relation to urban expansion. Yet this role is still poorly understood and … Continue reading

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