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Donors Funding Technology: 10 Recommendations

Funding the global public good of technology is a useful way for donors to leverage the impact of their aid. Different types of technologies appear to be important to development … Continue reading

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Health information technology and patient outcomes

Health information technology (IT) adoption, it is argued, will dramatically improve patient care. We study the impact of hospital IT adoption on patient outcomes focusing on the role of patient … Continue reading

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Is capitalism “mutating” into an infotech utopia?

Ann Pettifor reviews Paul Mason’s recent book PostCapitalism: A Guide to Our Future “Mason is optimistic about technology’s ability to eliminate pricing, to free up knowledge and to empower society … Continue reading

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Information Lives of the Poor – Fighting poverty with technology

This book explores the impacts of this unprecedented technological change. Drawing on unique household surveys undertaken by research networks active in 38 developing countries, it helps to fill knowledge gaps … Continue reading

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Innovative ways mobile phones are saving the lives of the urban poor

In the developing world, mobile phones are both ubiquitous and relatively affordable. They are also a good investment, according to the Indian Institute of Management, facilitating communication with employers and … Continue reading

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The Social Economy

The social economy: Unlocking value and productivity through social technologies: To reap the full benefit of social technologies, organizations must transform their structures, processes, and cultures: they will need to become … Continue reading

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