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Development by numbers – a primer

Morten Jerven – How good are the numbers? The availability and quality of key development data is alarmingly low, much worse than usually assumed in exercises based on those data. … Continue reading

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The data revolution: finding the missing millions

This report sets out the evidence that, even when people are counted, the counting is frequently not good enough. What is assumed to be an empirical fact – a statistic … Continue reading

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Social protection for older persons: Key policy trends and statistics

This policy paper: (i) provides a global overview of the organization of pension systems, their coverage and benefits, as well as public expenditures on social security, in 178 countries; (ii) … Continue reading

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Statistics on the Informal Economy: Definitions, Regional Estimates & Challenges

Statistics on the Informal Economy: Definitions, Regional Estimates & Challenges presents new regional estimates on informal employment based on direct measures from 40 countries and indirect measures from another 80 … Continue reading

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Why Don’t Remittances Appear to Affect Growth?

How does migration affect development? Maybe the most obvious way is the money that migrants send home to poor countries: remittances. But for years, development researchers have faced a puzzle. … Continue reading

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