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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

Digital Journalism: How Good Is It?

That digital technology is disrupting the business of journalism is beyond dispute. What’s striking is how little attention has been paid to the impact that technology has had on the … Continue reading

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Development innovation: Fad, silo or catalyst?

Innovation is all the rage in international development. From national economic growth to small-scale community development, from rapid disaster response to long-term climate change adaptation, innovation is seen as the … Continue reading

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Irresistibly biased? The blind spots of social innovation

Social innovation has an irresistible global appeal, but is it biased towards protecting the status quo? Social innovation has an irresistible global appeal. Who wouldn’t be persuaded by the challenge … Continue reading

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Social innovation and the challenge of democracy in Europe

The hype surrounding the innovation society obscures crucial issues of politics and power…The hype around the “Innovation Society” also obscures the fact that innovation processes bring about cascades of changes … Continue reading

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Communities, data, and ethical resilience

We propose a framework emphasizing six domains: Ethics, Governance, Science, Technology, Place, and Sociocultural context…Ethics is placed at the top of the hexagon, to emphasize its importance when designing community-based … Continue reading

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Innovative ways mobile phones are saving the lives of the urban poor

In the developing world, mobile phones are both ubiquitous and relatively affordable. They are also a good investment, according to the Indian Institute of Management, facilitating communication with employers and … Continue reading

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Center for Health Market Innovations 2012 Highlights

In Highlights: 2012, the Center for Health Market Innovations (CHMI) identifies a number of new trends in solutions that aim to improve the quality, affordability and accessibility of health care … Continue reading

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BRAC: Social Innovation Lab

Launched on October 19 2011, the Social Innovation Lab seeks to institutionalize innovation at BRAC and create an accessible space for all where ideas are shared, generated and nurtured.  It supports … Continue reading

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