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Defining Smart City Governance

Slides from keynote address by Igor Calzada at the Smart City InFocus held in China in September 2016. The presentation revolved around governance of smart cities by pointing out a critical … Continue reading

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Knowing and governing cities through urban indicators, city benchmarking and real-time dashboards

Since the mid-1990s a plethora of indicator projects have been developed and adopted by cities seeking to measure and monitor various aspects of urban systems. These have been accompanied by … Continue reading

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What Makes a City Smart?

For all the talk about smart cities a lot of dumb stuff happens in cities. Chicago can’t get a grip on police violence, Flint poisons its citizens with municipal water, Washington DC’s Metro … Continue reading

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Unplugging: Deconstructing the Smart City

This paper explores the subtle notion of unplugging to critically analyze the technological determinism of the Smart City. This exploration suggests that being digitally connected should not be perceived as … Continue reading

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The problem with smart cities – India

By 15 December, 85 cities out of the total 98 included under the Smart Cities Mission had submitted their respective Smart City Plans to the ministry of urban development. Hopefully, … Continue reading

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Without Architects, Smart Cities Just Aren’t Smart

Arguably the biggest buzzword in urbanism right now is the ‘Smart City’. The idea, although certainly inclusive of eco-friendly practices, has even replaced “sustainability” as the major intent of cities … Continue reading

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The city collaborative – how can a city think better?

Geoff Mulgan – Lots of activity is underway on smart cities and data, but surprisingly little on the more fundamental question of how a city can think better about its … Continue reading

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