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Crossing to safety

Two people die on the roads each minute worldwide, 1.24 million people each year.Without interventions, annual deaths on the roads are predicted to surge to 1.9 million by 2020. Globally, … Continue reading

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7 Proven Principles for Designing a Safer City

Traffic crashes kill more than 1.2 million people every year, nearly the same amount that die from HIV/AIDS. But there’s an undervalued approach to making the world’s roads safer—good urban … Continue reading

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Can Sustainable Cities be Secure Cities?

Mike Jenks – The debate about cities and security often concentrates on crime. However there is more to it than that. The quality of life for citizens will also depend … Continue reading

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City, Space, Power: Lahore’s Architecture of In/Security

Sadia Shirazi – Personal observations and thorough analyses of the current use of architecture in the city of Lahore (Pakistan) as a securitarian weapon. The notion of security is cleverly … Continue reading

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Safety for the urban poor: the complex taxonomy of security provision in cities

Jaideep Gupte – How the urban poor get access to security – for themselves, their families and communities and their assets – is however a neglected question. We know relatively little … Continue reading

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