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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

Linking Social Rights to Active Citizenship

The rise of social protection into the limelight of social policy has opened up space for understanding how it can act as a key interface between states and citizens. This … Continue reading

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The price of connection: ‘surveillance capitalism’

The problem is not so much someone reading my emails, but the collection of metadata. In any case, if the mere existence of such power contradicts liberty, why were we … Continue reading

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Involuntary Resettlement

Report by the World Bank Inspection Panel. The report, which analyzed 22 years of complaints to the Inspection Panel by communities alleging they were harmed by bank projects, found that more … Continue reading

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A huge underclass of ghost workers are making your shirts in their homes

Most homeworkers aren’t in unions, and the reality is that, for them to be recognized, protected, and paid better, it’s going to take efforts from everyone involved, including governments, brands, … Continue reading

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Authoritarian spaces, (un)just spaces?

Justice Spatiale/Spatial Justice, No. 8 – This issue offers a discussion on the authoritarian exercise of power, not on authoritarianism defined as a political regime that seeks to restrict political pluralism … Continue reading

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The Just City Essays

The persistence of injustice in the world’s cities—dramatic inequality, unequal environmental burdens and risks, and uneven access to opportunity—demands a continued and reinvigorated search for ideas and solutions. The outreach … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk about Women’s Rights

UNRISD is marking the twentieth anniversary of the Beijing Platform for Action, the outcome of the 1995 Fourth World Conference on Women, with this Think Piece Series Let’s Talk about … Continue reading

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The Relationship between LGBT Inclusion and Economic Development

When LGBT people are denied full participation in society because of their identities, their human rights are violated, and those violations of human rights are likely to have a harmful … Continue reading

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Just Cities for Children: Voices from Urban Slums

Just Cities for Children: Voices from Urban Slums highlights World Vision’s experience in supporting children to express their ideas for a better city to key decision makers on a global … Continue reading

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