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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

What does it mean to be poor?

Motivated by the siloed nature of much poverty research, as well as the challenge of finding inclusive operational definitions of poverty, this study reflects on the merits of seeking to … Continue reading

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Resilience: the big picture – top themes and trends

This report uses infographics to identify the key themes and emerging trends in resilience thinking and practice. The report includes sections on: The rise in the use of the term … Continue reading

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Aid Policy and the Macroeconomic Management of Aid

UN-WIDER special issue of World Development (Open Access) – Articles cover the aid–growth relationship; the supply-side of aid (including its level, volatility, and coordination of donors); and the macroeconomic framework … Continue reading

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Rethinking Interdisciplinarity across the Social Sciences and Neurosciences

Open Access Book – This book offers a provocative account of interdisciplinary research across the neurosciences, social sciences and humanities. Setting itself against standard accounts of interdisciplinary ‘integration,’ and rooting … Continue reading

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Knowledge, Networks and Nations report

Knowledge, Networks and Nations surveys the global scientific landscape in 2011, noting the shift to an increasingly multipolar world underpinned by the rise of new scientific powers such as China, … Continue reading

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Publishing strategies only benefit the publishers

How traditional publishing hurts scientific progress: Eighty five percent of published papers remain locked behind subscription pay walls, accessible only to those affiliated with universities and other large research institutions. … Continue reading

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