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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

Inequality, Power and Participation – Revisiting the Links

Drawing on the contributions from the World Social Science Report 2016, Challenging Inequalities: Pathways to a Just World, this article examines the relationship between economic inequality and political participation. In … Continue reading

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The Art of Inequality: Architecture, Housing, and Real Estate

Typically, inequality is defined by a combination of economic measures referring to income and wealth. Entire populations, in the language of statistics, are measured and managed according to their place … Continue reading

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The Cities Diplomacy Series (II): Are Mayors (& Networks Of Cities) the Rising Stars of Global Politics?

Against the secrecy and elite-reserved performance of classical Diplomacy skills, some Cities are getting on very well in developing the charms of soft and subtle Diplomacy in international arenas, by … Continue reading

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The Cities Diplomacy Series (I): Urban Issues and Soft-Influence in The Global Agenda Of Governance

In a moment in which the World is becoming more open and connected than ever, Cities, traditionally mere followers of the dictates of national governments in terms of foreign affairs, … Continue reading

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Critical Cartography

A critical cartography is the idea that maps – like other texts such as the written word, images or film – are not (and cannot be) value-free or neutral. Maps … Continue reading

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The poor are getting richer, and other dangerous delusions

The report uses a mixture of research, analysis and infographics to undermine seven different assumptions about economics and development  promoted by political and business leaders at Davos, The report challenges … Continue reading

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In the name of Development: power, profit and the datafication of the global South

There is currently a ‘datafication’ process underway in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) which is shifting power in the field of international development away from traditional actors such as aid … Continue reading

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Inequality’s Dead End—And the Possibility of a New, Long-Term Direction

The crisis of inequality, in short, represents a tragic and painful failure of the old system and the old politics. It is also already proving to be a major stimulus … Continue reading

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Inequality and the Crisis of Capitalism and Democracy – Jon Kofkas

The great challenge of our time is not a clash of civilizations…[nor] the revival of the Cold War in the form of a renewed US-Russia confrontation or in the forms … Continue reading

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