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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

The Politics of Climate Change

Veteran activist Rebecca Solnit, writing on the eve of the latest UN climate change summit, divides “the people in the streets of Paris” from “the people in the conference rooms … Continue reading

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Authoritarian spaces, (un)just spaces?

Justice Spatiale/Spatial Justice, No. 8 – This issue offers a discussion on the authoritarian exercise of power, not on authoritarianism defined as a political regime that seeks to restrict political pluralism … Continue reading

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Towards a regional democracy? – An interview with Edward Soja

Edward Soja passed away recently. In this 2011 interview, he defends the idea that we need to change the way we think about the social and political organization of urbanized territories … Continue reading

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“We have to call off this capitalist urbanization dynamic” – An Interview with David Harvey

What we’ve got right now are some of these totally absurd forms of urbanization, for example in states like Dubai…the only thing that has kept global capitalism alive over the … Continue reading

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The Political Economy of “Targeting” of Social Security Schemes

Stephen Kidd examines the evidence on the political economy of ‘targeting’. By first examining the history behind social security in developed countries, and then looking at contemporary tax-financed social security … Continue reading

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The poor are getting richer, and other dangerous delusions

The report uses a mixture of research, analysis and infographics to undermine seven different assumptions about economics and development  promoted by political and business leaders at Davos, The report challenges … Continue reading

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In the name of Development: power, profit and the datafication of the global South

There is currently a ‘datafication’ process underway in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) which is shifting power in the field of international development away from traditional actors such as aid … Continue reading

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Improving Development Aid Design and Evaluation

The development field increasingly looks to sophisticated metrics to measure impact. Simultaneously, practitioners are recognizing that most development programs must engage with politics and policy. Unfortunately, the measurement techniques gaining … Continue reading

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Transnational Social Movements in ASEAN Policy Advocacy: The Case of Regional Migrants’ Rights Policy

Various processes have swept over Southeast Asia in the last four decades, producing pressures not only in the economic but also in the political and social milieus. When these processes … Continue reading

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