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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

The Politics of Inclusive Development

It is now widely accepted that politics plays a significant role in shaping the possibilities for inclusive development. However, the specific ways in which this happens across different types and … Continue reading

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Fantasies of “Socialism with an iPad”?

Review of the book “Inventing the Future, (Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams, Verso 2015)” – It is necessary to stress once again that [this] book is aimed at the left. They … Continue reading

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For a political economy of space and place

Under capitalism, how does the state organise space in our everyday lives through the streets we walk, the monuments we visit, and the places where we meet? The lecture contributes … Continue reading

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The Urban Political Ecology of the 2011 Floods in Bangkok: The Creation of Uneven Vulnerabilities

This paper uses an urban political ecology analysis to question the discourses used by Thai government leaders regarding the causes of the 2011 floods in Bangkok and the solutions that … Continue reading

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Using political economy analysis in conflict, security and justice programmes

This guidance note provides a framework for implementers of conflict, security and justice programmes to conduct political economy analysis (PEA) at the design or inception phase to ensure a deep … Continue reading

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Institutional Political Economy for Inclusive, Resilient Cities

The conventional and mainstream approaches for studying and understanding cities are ill-suited for the post-2015 urban context and the alternatives that the international community seeks. Institutional political economy, or institutionalism, … Continue reading

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Political Settlements and the Politics of Inclusion

At least in the short to medium term, more inclusive political settlements at the elite level are crucial to avoid the recurrence of violent conflict, and to lay the foundations … Continue reading

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The Political Economy of “Targeting” of Social Security Schemes

Stephen Kidd examines the evidence on the political economy of ‘targeting’. By first examining the history behind social security in developed countries, and then looking at contemporary tax-financed social security … Continue reading

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