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What Can a ‘Science of Cities’ Offer Planners?

Michael Mehaffy – Like doctors who understand and support the body’s own immune system function, we can begin to understand and support the vernacular processes that are already occurring—and have … Continue reading

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Planning cities as if women matter

Kalpana Viswanath – There is an urgent need to imagine cities in radically different ways if they are to live up to the promise of freedom and opportunity for everyone. … Continue reading

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Cities and Sustainability: Is Intensification a Good Policy?

Phil McDermott – This post examines the idea that we can promote sustainability by increasing the densities of large cities around their centres. This compact city paradigm presumes that we … Continue reading

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The Next Big Infrastructure Crisis? Age-Proofing Our Streets

Emily Badger – Age-proofing cities will be a cultural challenge as much as an urban design one. How do you get urban planners, transportation engineers, and anyone running around a … Continue reading

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Can there be Science in City Planning?

Klaus Philipsen – Between urban theories that “have no principles” (Wells), which are messy and speculative and a universal formula as the one from Wells/Bettencourt, there must be some middle … Continue reading

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Ten Reasons Cities Need Urban Planning

Urban planning is a valuable lever for city leaders to achieve sustainable development. It helps them formulate medium and long-term objectives that reconcile a collective vision with a rational organisation … Continue reading

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