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Harnessing local innovation to address the global housing crisis

The focus of the report “Rethinking Housing Policies Harnessing local innovation to address the global housing crisis” is not so much on what local governments should do about housing, but … Continue reading

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Local Governments Are Changing the World

Innovative governance is happening; governments are increasingly willing to grant autonomy for economic growth. Combine that with the profits that result from building cities; land values in Chicago, for example, … Continue reading

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Public-Private Partnerships for the Knowledge Economy: The Case of Innovation Centers

In the late 2000s, new spaces — such as co-working, maker spaces, and co-living spaces — have been emerging in the knowledge-based post-industrial cities. The paper investigates the emergence of … Continue reading

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Scientific data and its limits: rethinking the use of evidence in local climate change policy

Climate policy is typically seen as informed by scientific evidence that anthropogenic carbon emissions require reducing in order to avoid dangerous consequences. However, agreement on these matters has not translated … Continue reading

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Trends in Smart City Development

“Trends in Smart City Development” is a new report from the National League of Cities featuring case studies about how five cities – Philadelphia, San Francisco, Chicago, Charlotte, N.C., and … Continue reading

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Dynamic Cities? The Role of Urban Local Governments in Improving Urban Service Delivery

Cities are engines of economic growth that provide spaces for social transformation and political inclusion. Their ability to deliver widely accessible and efficiently functioning public services drives productivity and sustains … Continue reading

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“We have to call off this capitalist urbanization dynamic” – An Interview with David Harvey

What we’ve got right now are some of these totally absurd forms of urbanization, for example in states like Dubai…the only thing that has kept global capitalism alive over the … Continue reading

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Cities respond: Testing the urban SDG indicators

With the Sustainable Development Goals now finalized, all eyes turn to the critical task of defining how to track progress on these global aims. How are local authorities responding to … Continue reading

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Local democracy as a substitute for data (and rather a good substitute too)

David Satterthwaite – Demand for data generally comes from those who control funds and other resources. National governments and international agencies. Not those who need funds (or schools or potable … Continue reading

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