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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

The Production of Space and Governmentality in the Urban Poor’s Claim over Land and Housing

This article explores the politicized process of claiming urban land for housing the urban poor in the metropolitan city of Bengaluru. It is premised on the recognition that space and … Continue reading

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Property Is Only Another Name for Monopoly

The existing system of private property interferes with allocative efficiency by giving owners the power to hold out for excessive prices. We propose a remedy in the form of a … Continue reading

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The Elusive Quest for Women’s Land Rights

Across much of the developing world one of the most stubbornly persistent signs of gender inequality is the low rate of land ownership among women. The situation is particularly dire in … Continue reading

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Women and Land Rights

Women’s land rights remain one of the most important sites of social, political and economic contestation in postcolonial Africa. Land is not only a source of food, employment and income; … Continue reading

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Land Matrix: online public database on land deals

Land Matrix is an online public database that permits all users to contribute to and improve data on land deals, and for this data to be visualised. The visualisations offer … Continue reading

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Report on the Impact of Global Land Deals

The rush for land in developing countries has rapidly intensified since 2008, but the sector remains largely unregulated. Concerns are growing over the impact of big, secretive deals between governments … Continue reading

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