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Sharing the Growth Dividend : Analysis of Inequality in Asia

This paper focuses on income inequality in Asia, its drivers and policies to combat it. It finds that income inequality has risen in most of Asia, in contrast to many … Continue reading

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Income Inequalities in Perspective

Income and wealth inequalities in most countries –in the West, the former ‘communist’ economies and in the developing world –have been on the rise in the last three decades with … Continue reading

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Beyond Low and Middle Income Countries

Tezanos, S. and Sumner, A. – Many have challenged the use of income per capita as the primary proxy for development. This paper continues this tradition with a twist. The … Continue reading

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Is Global Poverty Becoming A Matter of National Inequality?

Andy Sumner – From Deprivation to Distribution: Is Global Poverty Becoming A Matter of National Inequality? This paper asks the following question: does the shift in global poverty towards middle-income … Continue reading

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