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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

Rethinking technological change in smallholder agriculture

The concept of technology adoption (along with its companions, diffusion and scaling) is commonly used to design development interventions, to frame impact evaluations and to inform decision-making about new investments in development-oriented agricultural research. However, … Continue reading

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Examining “Digital Development”: The Shape of Things to Come?

Diffusion and use of ICTs is such that we can start to talk about a “digital nervous system” for development.  And ICTs are becoming more deeply integrated into all aspects … Continue reading

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Rethink, Retool, Reboot: Technology as if people and planet mattered

Rethink, Retool, Reboot presents the evidence and analysis that informs Practical Action’s organisational mission to create a world with Technology Justice: where technology and innovation is used to end poverty … Continue reading

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Information technology and political engagement

This paper contributes to our understanding of inequalities in political participation by assessing the causal and heterogeneous effects of access to means of communication. In doing so we seek to … Continue reading

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5 Forecasts for the Future of African Cities

An innovation expert in Nigeria shares his thoughts on how economic expansion and innovation will transform the continent. For Africa, the 21st century is largely a tale of its cities. The … Continue reading

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Why social media won’t transform our politics

…to transform the political world more fundamentally will require some old-world structures and institutions like clear lines of accountability, effective governing structures, nuanced political judgement, and legitimate leadership. Sustainable transformation … Continue reading

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