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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

Human rights and the New Urban Agenda

…we are leaving aside some potent and critical tools. The use of human rights instruments has not been prominent, either as guiding principles for sustainable urban development, as tools for … Continue reading

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Do Human Rights Increase Inequality?

The tragedy of human rights is that they have occupied the global imagination but have so far contributed little of note, merely nipping at the heels of the neoliberal giant … Continue reading

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Towards a Multipolar Civil Society

This paper examines the imbalance between northern and southern civil society organisations (CSOs) in their engagement at international forums. It delves into some of the internal and external factors that … Continue reading

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Progress of the World’s Women 2015-2016

A major report from UN Women, “Progress of the World’s Women 2015-2016: Transforming Economies, Realizing Rights”, brings together human rights and economic policymaking to call for far-reaching changes to the … Continue reading

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Justice for Future Generations – Inequalities, IHRL and the Post-2015 Agenda

Karen A. Moir – The failure to respect the rights of future generations may undermine the sustainability of development gains made by their parents by allowing for disproven assumptions to … Continue reading

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Corporate Accountability in ASEAN: A Human Rights-Based Approach

Assesses the impacts of business on human rights in the ASEAN sub-region. Originating from cases presented at two public hearings organised by civil society groups in 2011 in response to … Continue reading

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