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Reorienting health aid to meet post-2015 global health challenges

Global development assistance for health (DAH) increased substantially in the MDGs era, from US $10.8 billion in 2001 to $28.1 billion by 2012 (in 2010 US dollars), and it played … Continue reading

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The global burden of foodborne diseases

The report presents the first WHO global and regional estimates of the burden of foodborne diseases. The large disease burden from food highlights the importance of food safety, particularly in … Continue reading

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Can Urban Planning Solve the Health Problems That Poverty Causes?

Stanford physician and public health researcher Rita Hamad is researching how to improve health and reduce poverty worldwide. Based on her previous research on microfinance in Peru and South Africa, … Continue reading

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Ethical Perspective: 5 Unacceptable Trade-offs on the Path to Universal Health Coverage

This article discusses what ethicists have called “unacceptable trade-offs” in health policy choices related to universal health coverage (UHC). Since the fiscal space is constrained, trade-offs need to be made. … Continue reading

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Report: The Rockefeller Foundation–Lancet Commission on planetary health

We identify three categories of challenges that have to be addressed to maintain and enhance human health in the face of increasingly harmful environmental trends. Firstly, conceptual and empathy failures … Continue reading

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The data revolution: finding the missing millions

This report sets out the evidence that, even when people are counted, the counting is frequently not good enough. What is assumed to be an empirical fact – a statistic … Continue reading

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Financing the Future

This report has a simple message: the proposed SDGs are achievable, but adopting a business-as-usual approach will leave us far short of the target. Projections based on current patterns of … Continue reading

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Universal healthcare: the affordable dream – Amartya Sen

Universal healthcare is often presented as an idealistic goal that remains out of reach for all but the richest nations. That’s not the case, writes Amartya Sen. Look at what … Continue reading

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Why We Need Urban Health Equity Indicators

Corburn and Cohen – As the urban population of the planet increases and puts new stressors on infrastructure and institutions and exacerbates economic and social inequalities, public health and other … Continue reading

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