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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

Cities and Self-organization

In the contemporary city, we are today more and more witnessing different practices and processes of “re-appropriation of space”: regeneration of empty buildings, spaces of cultural production, urban gardens, green … Continue reading

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Mapping Grassroots: Geodata and the structure of community-led open environmental science

Using balloons and kites to launch cameras as “community satellites”, grassroots mappers around the world have engaged in local-level, activist remote sensing — building upon the critical cartography and participatory … Continue reading

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The path through the fields

Bangladesh’s record is, on balance, a good one. It shows that the benefits of making women central to development are huge. It suggests that migration is not just the result … Continue reading

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Is innovation essential for development work?

David Lewis – Any approach that emphasises continual problem-solving is important and worthwhile. But there may be a downside to all this innovation. Not all development problems require new solutions. For … Continue reading

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