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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

Digital Lives: Meaningful Connections for the Next 3 Billion

This report is guided by two central truths. One: digital technologies are rapidly revolutionising many aspects of life as we know it. Two: not everyone benefits from access and effective … Continue reading

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Understanding Social Exclusion in Indonesia

This study analyses the reports that resulted from 68 Theory of Change workshops held with NGO and CSO partners as part of the Peduli program. This program addresses the social … Continue reading

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Leave no one behind: the real bottom billion

As the Millennium Development Goals draw to a close, and their replacement, the Sustainable Development Goals, are agreed by UN governments, close to a billion people remain in extreme poverty, … Continue reading

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The killing-fields of inequality

There are at least three quite different kinds of inequality, and they are all destructive of human lives and of human societies…The first is inequality of health and death, what … Continue reading

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