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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

Environmental Livelihood Security in Southeast Asia

This document addresses the need for explicit inclusion of livelihoods within the environment nexus (water-energy-food security), not only responding to literature gaps but also addressing emerging dialogue from existing nexus … Continue reading

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Report: The Rockefeller Foundation–Lancet Commission on planetary health

We identify three categories of challenges that have to be addressed to maintain and enhance human health in the face of increasingly harmful environmental trends. Firstly, conceptual and empathy failures … Continue reading

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Economics vs. the Economy

Economic theories, though social constructions, can reflect reality to varying degrees. In the face of dire environmental challenges, adopting a realistic theory is key to the survival of global civilization. … Continue reading

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The Potential and Limits of the ‘Resilience Agenda’ in Peri-urban Contexts

Béné et al – Today, it is acknowledged that peri-urban space plays a critical and increasing role in relation to urban expansion. Yet this role is still poorly understood and … Continue reading

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Urban Green Infrastructure

Jonathan Wentworth – Urban green infrastructure is a network of green spaces, water and other natural features within urban areas. A green infrastructure approach uses natural processes to deliver multiple … Continue reading

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Can Sustainable Cities be Secure Cities?

Mike Jenks – The debate about cities and security often concentrates on crime. However there is more to it than that. The quality of life for citizens will also depend … Continue reading

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Going Green: How cities are leading the next economy

It offers a fresh perspective on the environmental challenges that cities face, along with the opportunities and barriers to going green and fostering economic growth. The survey covers key aspects … Continue reading

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Water Insecurity: A Threat for Pakistan and India

The brief provides an overview of water security issues in Pakistan, the impact of the Indus Water Treaty on India-Pakistan relations, and provides recommendations on internal water management in Pakistan. … Continue reading

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Architecture and climate change

Zaheer Allam – While the growing awareness about global warming issues is thought to incite changes in human decisions and activities, architecture, on the other hand, continues to mislead. The aesthetics … Continue reading

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