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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

Transformation and Diversification of the Rural Economy in Asia

This paper examines the transformation and diversification of the rural economy in Asia, focusing on the role and importance of the rural non-farm economy and employment in economic transformation and … Continue reading

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Do we need a new economics for sustainable development?

Neoclassical theory at the micro and macro levels has influenced thinking patterns in a period when development has become unsustainable in many ways. Climate change is one example, loss of … Continue reading

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Is capitalism “mutating” into an infotech utopia?

Ann Pettifor reviews Paul Mason’s recent book PostCapitalism: A Guide to Our Future “Mason is optimistic about technology’s ability to eliminate pricing, to free up knowledge and to empower society … Continue reading

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Where in the world does neoliberalism come from?

Raewyn Connell & Nour Dados – We propose an approach to neoliberalism that prioritizes the experience of the global South, and sees neoliberalism gaining its main political strength as a development strategy displacing those … Continue reading

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Economics versus Politics: Pitfalls of Policy Advice

The standard approach to policy-making and advice in economics implicitly or explicitly ignores politics and political economy, and maintains that if possible, any market failure should be rapidly removed. This … Continue reading

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Five principles of urban economics

Mario Polèse – Scholarly journals have published hundreds of articles about urban economies. The questions are always the same: Why do some cities grow faster than others? Why do some generate … Continue reading

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Urban world: Cities and the rise of the consuming class

….600 cities making the largest contribution to a higher global GDP—the City 600—will generate nearly 65 percent of world economic growth by 2025. However, the most dramatic story within the … Continue reading

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Film – ‘People Before Profit’

People Before Profit powerfully captures the violence and impunity with which governments around the world, in rich countries as well as poor, deny these rights to their citizens in the name … Continue reading

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