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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

Economic Foundations for Sustainable Urbanization

Sustainable urbanization requires integrated planning, as it allows cities to come up with a common vision for their development. Lack of integrated action often leads to sub-optimal results and undermines … Continue reading

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Value in the Commons Economy: Developments in Open and Contributory Value Accounting

Society is shifting from a production modus based on value created in a market system (through labor and capital) to one which recognizes broader value streams. These streams are experienced … Continue reading

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Who owns the city?

Saskia Sassen – “Does the massive foreign and national corporate buying of urban buildings and urban land that took off after the 2008 crisis signal an emergent new phase in … Continue reading

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Remembering Our Future

The received wisdom is that beyond all else, economic essentials of fiscal stability, trade flows and investments drive economic growth. That point of view, rightly stressing the essentials of growth, deserves to … Continue reading

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A comparison of international and national targets for the SDG agenda

The stretch required for low-income countries (LICs) to achieve SDG targets is generally greater than for middle-income and high-income countries (MICs and HICs). The gaps identified indicate where most work is … Continue reading

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Economics vs. the Economy

Economic theories, though social constructions, can reflect reality to varying degrees. In the face of dire environmental challenges, adopting a realistic theory is key to the survival of global civilization. … Continue reading

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Income Inequalities in Perspective

Income and wealth inequalities in most countries –in the West, the former ‘communist’ economies and in the developing world –have been on the rise in the last three decades with … Continue reading

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The inequality we want: How much is too much?

A key aspect defining the contemporary income distribution is the (increasing) share the top holds compared to the rest. This paper shows that income concentration increases towards the very top … Continue reading

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Close the gap! The cost of inequality in women’s work

Sex discrimination at work costs women in poor countries $9 trillion each year – more than the combined GDPs of Britain, France and Germany. This huge inequality exists because women … Continue reading

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