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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

Climate Justice and the Right to the City

The two great challenges facing cities worldwide in the decades to come are inequality and climate change. Yet the two challenges, and the two sets of political infrastructures that prioritize … Continue reading

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De-Democratisation and Rising Inequality

This paper is concerned with the question of why economic inequality has increased so dramatically in recent decades, and in particular, with the seemingly paradoxical situation that this upswing in … Continue reading

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Democracy versus dictatorship? The political determinants of growth episodes

In contrast to previous literature, which looks at the effect of democracy on long-run growth or short-run volatility of growth, we examine the effect of political institutions on medium-term growth … Continue reading

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Participatory Budgeting: Next Generation Democracy

[White paper] – In a time of rising civic disengagement, many city leaders are using an innovative tool to reconnect with the people they serve: Participatory budgeting, known as “PB.” PB … Continue reading

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Democracy Does Cause Growth

We provide evidence that democracy has a significant and robust positive effect on GDP. Our empirical strategy relies on a dichotomous measure of democracy coded from several sources to reduce … Continue reading

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Governance Data: Who Uses It and Why

Numerous organizations, including members of the Governance Data Alliance, collect and analyze data on the different dimensions of governance to help shape policy reforms and ultimately improve economic, human, and … Continue reading

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Moving Beyond GDP: New Regional Social Progress Index

The draft version of the regional Social Progress Index, released today for public comment, aims to measure the social progress for 272 European regions as a complement to traditional measures of … Continue reading

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Professionalization of the public participation field

Starting with a discussion on the multiple and diverse understandings of public participation, this booklet builds a portrait of relevant actors of public participation (Part 1). It discusses challenges and … Continue reading

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Digital Rights and Freedoms

The rapidity of technological change has vastly outpaced the development of our laws, institutions and regulatory systems, along with the articulation of the ethical categories and principles with which to … Continue reading

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