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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

Developing risk or resilience? Effects of slum upgrading on the social contract and social cohesion

In Kibera, an informal settlement in Nairobi, Kenya, major development efforts are underway – namely, the Kenya Slum Upgrading Programme (Kibera Pilot), the Nairobi Railway Relocation Action Plan, and the … Continue reading

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The futures past of the Women, Peace and Security agenda

This special issue of International Affairs, launched on International Women’s Day 2016, explores the potential and limits of the Women, Peace and Security agenda, a global policy architecture supporting gender … Continue reading

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Cities, Violence and Order

A series of blogs that explores what the challenges of security provision in cities might look like in 2040; and how development policy and practice might preemptively respond to these challenges … Continue reading

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Poverty reduction and social development in post-conflict countries

Conflict depletes all forms of human and social capital, as well as supporting institutions. The scale of the human damage can overwhelm public action, as there are many competing priorities … Continue reading

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Violence and displacement in suburban Dhaka

Shahadat Hossain – A combination of violent rural and urban displacement have produced rings of poverty and exploitation on the outskirts of Dhaka, one of the world’s fastest growing cities.Most … Continue reading

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Violence and the city in ‘fragile states’

Thomas Goodfellow et al – Actively increasing urban citizens’ capacity to make collective demands in ways that are non-violent – rather than denying them political agency by hoping either that … Continue reading

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Militarization of Cities: The Urban Dimension of Contemporary Security

Katarína Svitková – Cities are, by their very nature, prone to manifestations of political violence and vulnerable to disasters of various kinds. As nodes of population, infrastructure, investment, centers of … Continue reading

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Development and dissent in China’s ‘urban age’

Hyun Bang Shin – As China enters an ‘urban age’ for the first time in its entire history, a new set of urban conflicts over identity, development and inclusion are emerging … Continue reading

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Post-2015 and the Front Line

Lord McConnell – The MDGs encouraged schools for girls, but they have not attacked the sexual violence and rape used as weapons of war. They have delivered vaccines for children, but … Continue reading

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