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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

Information technology and political engagement

This paper contributes to our understanding of inequalities in political participation by assessing the causal and heterogeneous effects of access to means of communication. In doing so we seek to … Continue reading

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The Politics of Climate Change

Veteran activist Rebecca Solnit, writing on the eve of the latest UN climate change summit, divides “the people in the streets of Paris” from “the people in the conference rooms … Continue reading

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Professionalization of the public participation field

Starting with a discussion on the multiple and diverse understandings of public participation, this booklet builds a portrait of relevant actors of public participation (Part 1). It discusses challenges and … Continue reading

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Privatizing Censorship, Eroding Privacy: Freedom on the Net 2015

Internet freedom around the world declined for the fifth consecutive year in 2015 as more governments censored information of public interest while also expanding surveillance and cracking down on privacy … Continue reading

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Spatial Justice and the right to the city – An interview with Edward Soja

As someone who has been promoting this spatial turn for many decades, I now want to push it still further, by assertively adding a significant spatial dimension to other kinds … Continue reading

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Citizen Participation and Accountability for Sustainable Development

This report focuses on the experiences of marginalised people and those living in greatest poverty, and highlights how reclaiming citizen identity is a starting point for political accountability. Identity is … Continue reading

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Data-Driven Urban Citizenship

With networked infrastructures mixing with physical fabric of the cities, there is a gradually growing body of urban data. Often this data is not collected or not stored. Often it … Continue reading

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Citizen 2.0: Social media and government innovation

In recent years, many businesses have integrated tools such as Facebook and Twitter in their marketing efforts to reach customers more directly. In a government context, such tools can be … Continue reading

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Data and Citizen Engagement – Disentangling the Relationship

Tiago Peixoto – As more and more players engage in participatory initiatives, there is a significant amount of citizen-generated data being collected, which is important on its own. However, in … Continue reading

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