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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

The End of Cheap Labor

Mitali Das and Papa N’Diaye – China is on the eve of a demographic shift that will have profound consequences on its economic and social landscape. Within a few years … Continue reading

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Development and dissent in China’s ‘urban age’

Hyun Bang Shin – As China enters an ‘urban age’ for the first time in its entire history, a new set of urban conflicts over identity, development and inclusion are emerging … Continue reading

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Head of the Dragon: The Rise of New Shanghai

Daniel Brook – As it did a century ago, the city’s embrace of modernity is breeding groups that will be hard to control. There is only so far the gap … Continue reading

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Migration and health in China: An empirical analysis

Jay Pan – Migrants tend to experience deterioration in health status, relative to local residents with comparable conditions. Also, migrants experience significantly poorer access to medical care services. Furthermore, the estimated … Continue reading

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Gender Patterns and Value of Unpaid Work

Xiao-yuan Dong, Xinli An – Despite its important implications for well-being and gender equality, unpaid work is not counted in conventional income and labour force statistics. The provision of household and … Continue reading

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The Cities Issue

This special issue dedicated to the cities of the future has its eye squarely toward China, because the cities of the future are increasingly going to be speaking Mandarin — … Continue reading

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