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Asia’s poor urban children left out of disaster prevention

The study reveals that street and slum children are the most vulnerable to environmental hazards, climate change and natural disasters – with girls at particular risk. But aid agencies often … Continue reading

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Conditional Cash Transfers and child protection outcomes: sticks or carrots?

Conditional cash transfers (CCTs) have gained unprecedented popularity as a social protection intervention and are no longer exclusively found in Latin America but being implemented across the globe. Its appeal … Continue reading

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The Urgency of Enrolling Out-of-School Children

Milan Thomas – Although significant progress toward achieving universal primary education has been made over the past decade, out-of-school children (OOSC) remain a pervasive global problem. According to one estimate, … Continue reading

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Rising food prices: time to put your money where your mouth is?

Behind the cold hard numbers of price increases, shrinking budgets and inflationary fears, the simple truth is high food prices can kill –or severely impair- people, especially kids from underprivileged … Continue reading

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