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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

Democracy versus dictatorship? The political determinants of growth episodes

In contrast to previous literature, which looks at the effect of democracy on long-run growth or short-run volatility of growth, we examine the effect of political institutions on medium-term growth … Continue reading

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Authoritarian spaces, (un)just spaces?

Justice Spatiale/Spatial Justice, No. 8 – This issue offers a discussion on the authoritarian exercise of power,┬ánot on authoritarianism defined as a political regime that seeks to restrict political pluralism … Continue reading

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Authoritarianism, democracy and development

Tim Kelsall –┬áThis paper reviews the evidence on authoritarianism and development from the perspective of a policy-maker providing advice to an ostensibly developmental authoritarian regime. It finds that the cross-national … Continue reading

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