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Sharing the Growth Dividend : Analysis of Inequality in Asia

This paper focuses on income inequality in Asia, its drivers and policies to combat it. It finds that income inequality has risen in most of Asia, in contrast to many … Continue reading

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Balancing the Burden? Women’s Time Poverty and Infrastructure in Asia

Around the world, women do more work than men because of gender divisions of labor that cause most of the burden of housework and care work to fall on women … Continue reading

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Will climate change spark an Asian migrant crisis?

Involving the private sector in building resilience and promoting safe migration is also necessary.They can invest in basic infrastructure such as roads and hospitals to improve rural living conditions and … Continue reading

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The key to humanity’s future? Asian cities

To address the seemingly insurmountable urban challenges we face, urban leaders and decision makers must, first and foremost, cultivate an ecosystem that nurtures innovation. Often it is the pioneers, inventors … Continue reading

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East Asia’s Changing Urban Landscape

Urbanization is transforming the developing world. However, understanding the pace, scale, and form of urbanization has been limited by a lack of consistent data. East Asia’s Changing Urban Landscape aims … Continue reading

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Asia’s poor urban children left out of disaster prevention

The study reveals that street and slum children are the most vulnerable to environmental hazards, climate change and natural disasters – with girls at particular risk. But aid agencies often … Continue reading

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Prevalence of and factors associated with non-partner rape perpetration

Jewkes at al – Our study provides evidence from a large multicountry study that non-partner rape perpetration is quite prevalent among men in the general population across a range of diverse … Continue reading

Tuesday, 10 September 2013 · 1 Comment

The Political Economy of Social Pension Reform in Asia

Katja Hujo, Sarah Cook – One way to understand the drivers of social policy reform is to analyse them in relation to the broader development and welfare regime of each … Continue reading

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Serious threat to Asian Economic Model

Martin Khor – The Western countries are increasingly attacking the Asian model, claiming that state-owned companies or state-aided commercial firms have an unfair advantage vis-à-vis the foreign firms competing with them…Of … Continue reading

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