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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

The Architecture of ‘Passive Revolution’: Society, State and Space in Modern Mexico

This article analyses the political economy of Henri Lefebvre’s concept of ‘state space’ with specific attention directed towards the Monument to the Revolution in Mexico City, completed in 1938. The … Continue reading

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For a political economy of space and place

Under capitalism, how does the state organise space in our everyday lives through the streets we walk, the monuments we visit, and the places where we meet? The lecture contributes … Continue reading

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The Art of Inequality: Architecture, Housing, and Real Estate

Typically, inequality is defined by a combination of economic measures referring to income and wealth. Entire populations, in the language of statistics, are measured and managed according to their place … Continue reading

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The Death and Life of Great Italian Cities – A Mobile Phone Data Perspective

The Death and Life of Great American Cities was written in 1961 and is now one of the most influential book in city planning. In it, Jane Jacobs proposed four … Continue reading

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The City of the Global South and its Insurrections: Algiers, Cairo, Gaza, Chandigarh, and Kowloon

This presentation constitutes a rather shallow examination of five cities’ reciprocal influence between their urban fabric and their insurrections and counter-insurrections operations. These criminalizing discourses construct an imaginary of these neighborhoods that … Continue reading

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The New Urban Question: A Conversation on the Legacy of Bernardo Secchi

A gesture towards bringing the work of Bernardo Secchi to a wider Anglophone audience, since little of his work has been translated into English. It reflects on his legacy by … Continue reading

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The Next Big Infrastructure Crisis? Age-Proofing Our Streets

Emily Badger – Age-proofing cities will be a cultural challenge as much as an urban design one. How do you get urban planners, transportation engineers, and anyone running around a … Continue reading

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Can there be Science in City Planning?

Klaus Philipsen – Between urban theories that “have no principles” (Wells), which are messy and speculative and a universal formula as the one from Wells/Bettencourt, there must be some middle … Continue reading

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Head of the Dragon: The Rise of New Shanghai

Daniel Brook – As it did a century ago, the city’s embrace of modernity is breeding groups that will be hard to control. There is only so far the gap … Continue reading

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