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Social security facing increased mobility of the global workforce

Worldwide, there are over a billion internal and international migrants. One driving factor for migration is often the search for better conditions of work and employment, which for many is … Continue reading

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Why Don’t Remittances Appear to Affect Growth?

How does migration affect development? Maybe the most obvious way is the money that migrants send home to poor countries: remittances. But for years, development researchers have faced a puzzle. … Continue reading

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A Longitudinal Study of Migration and Health: Empirical Evidence from Thailand and its Implications

The study finds that rural-urban migration in Thailand depended on the individual’s health. The likelihood of migrating from a rural origin to an urban destination was higher for those who … Continue reading

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Migration, Gender and Social Justice

The book examines commonalities and differences in the operation of various structures of power (gender, class, race/ethnicity, generation) and their interactions within the institutional domains of intra-national and especially inter-national … Continue reading

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Migration and health in China: An empirical analysis

Jay Pan – Migrants tend to experience deterioration in health status, relative to local residents with comparable conditions. Also, migrants experience significantly poorer access to medical care services. Furthermore, the estimated … Continue reading

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When Daughters Migrate and Mothers Do Not

Deepita Chakravarty and Ishita Chakravarty – As many of the discriminatory practices against girl children and women primarily take place within the household, the family seems to have a crucial … Continue reading

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Southeast Asia: Contemporary Multi-national Nations

Jorge Carrillo – Migration is one of the markers of globalization and it can be a decisive factor in the success of the societies willing to tap into the potential … Continue reading

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