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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

The Quality of Economic Growth and Why it Matters

As the signs of negative impact of global climate change are becoming evident, and especially in the aftermath of the global economic turndown, societies had a choice — either reframe … Continue reading

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The data revolution: finding the missing millions

This report sets out the evidence that, even when people are counted, the counting is frequently not good enough. What is assumed to be an empirical fact – a statistic … Continue reading

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Financing the Future

This report has a simple message: the proposed SDGs are achievable, but adopting a business-as-usual approach will leave us far short of the target. Projections based on current patterns of … Continue reading

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Climate change: Embed the social sciences in climate policy

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is becoming irrelevant to climate policy. By seeking consensus and avoiding controversy, the organization is suffering from the streetlight effect — focusing ever … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk about Women’s Rights

UNRISD is marking the twentieth anniversary of the Beijing Platform for Action, the outcome of the 1995 Fourth World Conference on Women, with this Think Piece Series Let’s Talk about … Continue reading

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Development innovation: Fad, silo or catalyst?

Innovation is all the rage in international development. From national economic growth to small-scale community development, from rapid disaster response to long-term climate change adaptation, innovation is seen as the … Continue reading

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Digital Rights and Freedoms

The rapidity of technological change has vastly outpaced the development of our laws, institutions and regulatory systems, along with the articulation of the ethical categories and principles with which to … Continue reading

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Where Next for Social Protection?

The rapid ascendancy of social protection up the development policy agenda in the past ten to 15 years raises questions about whether its current prominence will be sustained, or whether … Continue reading

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Resilience scan 2014

This ‘resilience scan’ summarises the developments during 2014 in thinking and practice in the field of resilience, framed by a set of summaries focused on: 1. Insights from renowned resilience … Continue reading

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