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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

Oxfam’s response to World Bank’s consultation on gender

Oxfam welcomes this comprehensive concept note, particularly its clarity that women’s empowerment is central to poverty reduction and shared prosperity; that women’s economic empowerment requires parallel progress in women’s political, … Continue reading

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This Is What Informal Transit Looks Like When You Actually Map It

As transit systems go, the “matatus” in Nairobi exist somewhere between underground gypsy cabs and MTA bus service. The minibuses themselves aren’t owned by any government agency. The fares aren’t … Continue reading

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Humanitarian response to urban crises: a review of area-based approaches

In recent years there has been increasing interest in area-based approaches among humanitarian actors responding to urban crises. Through analysis of case studies, as well as available policy literature, this … Continue reading

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Fractured continuity: Moving from Habitat II to Habitat III

Yet the issue papers have almost completely omitted any evaluation of — or, often, even reference to — commitments that were made at the last Habitat summit, held in 1996 … Continue reading

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Disrupting migration stories: reading life histories through the lens of mobility and fixity

It has been argued that the ‘mobility turn’ is overcelebratory regarding human movement across space. Yet, critical studies of mobilities have emerged that refute this, demonstrating how various forms and … Continue reading

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7 Proven Principles for Designing a Safer City

Traffic crashes kill more than 1.2 million people every year, nearly the same amount that die from HIV/AIDS. But there’s an undervalued approach to making the world’s roads safer—good urban … Continue reading

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Illicit Economies, Sublegal Practices, and the State in Southeast Asia

A special issue of the journal Critical Asian Studies available for free for a limited time. This introduction develops the idea of “dirty money states” by defining and exploring the problem … Continue reading

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Urban Gardening in Greece – A New Form of Protest

Guerrilla gardening and local consumer-producer networks are redefining life in today’s Greek cities. While the crisis has shifted politicians’ attention away from the climate, “transition and recovery movements” work hard … Continue reading

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5 Forecasts for the Future of African Cities

An innovation expert in Nigeria shares his thoughts on how economic expansion and innovation will transform the continent. For Africa, the 21st century is largely a tale of its cities. The … Continue reading

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