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Building New Cities

Across the planet, hundreds of billions of dollars are being invested in new cities, in countries including China, India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, the Philippines, Palestine, Morocco, Afghanistan, Germany and … Continue reading

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The Metropolitan Century

The report provides an outline of recent and likely future urbanisation trends and discusses the consequences. The world is in the middle of an urbanisation process that will cause urbanisation … Continue reading

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The Future of Cities, Information, and Inclusion

Over the next decade, cities will continue to grow larger and more rapidly. At the same time, new technologies will unlock massive streams of data about cities and their residents. … Continue reading

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6 inconvenient truths about Smart Cities

Originally posted on The Urban Technologist:
(When cities forget about people: La Defense, Paris, photographed by Phil Beard) (I recently took the difficult decision to resign from IBM after nearly…

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Socioeconomic Welfare among Gender and Sexuality Non-normative People in India

This case study explores the socioeconomic experiences of gender and sexuality minority peoples in India, especially in respect of ways in which sexual and gender ‘difference’ may be correlated to … Continue reading

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East Asia’s Changing Urban Landscape

Urbanization is transforming the developing world. However, understanding the pace, scale, and form of urbanization has been limited by a lack of consistent data. East Asia’s Changing Urban Landscape aims … Continue reading

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Close the gap! The cost of inequality in women’s work

Sex discrimination at work costs women in poor countries $9 trillion each year – more than the combined GDPs of Britain, France and Germany. This huge inequality exists because women … Continue reading

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Social security facing increased mobility of the global workforce

Worldwide, there are over a billion internal and international migrants. One driving factor for migration is often the search for better conditions of work and employment, which for many is … Continue reading

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Media Development with Chinese Characteristics

Iginio Gagliardone – China’s concessionary loans and support to development projects have tended to shift balances of power by favouring certain actors over others and have challenged existing development paradigms, … Continue reading

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