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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

Transnational Social Movements in ASEAN Policy Advocacy: The Case of Regional Migrants’ Rights Policy

Various processes have swept over Southeast Asia in the last four decades, producing pressures not only in the economic but also in the political and social milieus. When these processes … Continue reading

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Social Drivers of Sustainable Development

A new development agenda will need to look behind the symptoms to tackle the structural causes or drivers of poverty, inequality, social injustice and environmental degradation in order to create … Continue reading

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Mobilizing Accountability: Citizens, Movements and the State

History and experience have taught us that citizens must act collectively to ensure positive social changes.  People’s organizations and movements work visibly or behind the scenes to push for rights, … Continue reading

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Inequality’s Dead End—And the Possibility of a New, Long-Term Direction

The crisis of inequality, in short, represents a tragic and painful failure of the old system and the old politics. It is also already proving to be a major stimulus … Continue reading

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From social rights to the market: neoliberalism and the knowledge economy

This paper looks at changing policies for higher education in the United Kingdom and the emergence of a neoliberal knowledge regime. This subordinates higher education to the market and shifts … Continue reading

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Women’s voice and leadership: assessing the evidence

This ODI report looks at whether women’s capabilities and actions in different spheres lead them to have more presence and influence within private and public decision-making. Based on a review … Continue reading

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Waste not, want not

The working lives of India’s urban waste pickers show the hidden connections between everything that matters in the city. Managing India’s urban waste will always be about more than just … Continue reading

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Fiscal Space for Social Protection: Options to Expand Social Investments in 187 Countries

It is often argued that social protection is not affordable or that government expenditure cuts are inevitable during adjustment periods. But there are alternatives, even in the poorest countries. This … Continue reading

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Progress of the World’s Women 2015-2016

A major report from UN Women, “Progress of the World’s Women 2015-2016: Transforming Economies, Realizing Rights”, brings together human rights and economic policymaking to call for far-reaching changes to the … Continue reading

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