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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

Measuring Social Protection Expenditures in Southeast Asia

This paper provides a cross-country analysis of social protection programs in Southeast Asia. ADB’s Social Protection Index is used to assess program coverage, benefit-level, and impact on poverty and gender … Continue reading

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Informal Economy Monitoring Study

The Informal Economy Monitoring Study (IEMS) is a major study of the urban informal economy being undertaken in 10 cities around the world: Accra, Ghana; Ahmedabad, India; Bangkok, Thailand; Belo … Continue reading

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The Right to Privacy in the Digital Age

The UN High Commissioner on Human Rights has released an excellent report today on the right to privacy in the digital age, blasting the digital mass surveillance that has been … Continue reading

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The Elusive Quest for Women’s Land Rights

Across much of the developing world one of the most stubbornly persistent signs of gender inequality is the low rate of land ownership among women. The situation is particularly dire in … Continue reading

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The Continuing Enigmas of Social Policy

Ben Fine – This paper examines critically what has been one of the most successful intellectual contributions to the neoliberal period, Esping-Andersen’s Welfare Regimes Approach (WRA) to comparative social policy. … Continue reading

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Shining a light on the shadowy institutions giving public support to private companies and taking over the development agenda

Development finance has changed substantially over the past decade. Private finance has replaced aid at the centre of global and national development initiatives, for both governments and international bodies. Development … Continue reading

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The Unfulfilled Promise of Online Deliberation

Hartz-Karp and Sullivan – Since online deliberation has not delivered on the expectations of more considered, democratic participation, the authors propose less focus on technological ‘fixes’ and more on re-conceptualizing … Continue reading

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Urbanisation concepts and trends

McGranahan and Satterthwaite - There is an emerging consensus that urbanisation is critically important to international development, but considerable confusion over what urbanisation actually is; whether it is accelerating or slowing; … Continue reading

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Post-Global Proto-Cities?

Originally posted on {FAVEL issues}:
? All countries that constitute Latin America are developing countries; approximately 124 million of its urban inhabitants live in poverty. This number is manifested in…

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