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Random readings on society, politics and change – Jorge Carrillo

Social innovation and the challenge of democracy in Europe

The hype surrounding the innovation society obscures crucial issues of politics and power…The hype around the “Innovation Society” also obscures the fact that innovation processes bring about cascades of changes … Continue reading

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Where in the world does neoliberalism come from?

Raewyn Connell & Nour Dados – We propose an approach to neoliberalism that prioritizes the experience of the global South, and sees neoliberalism gaining its main political strength as a development strategy displacing those … Continue reading

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Steering Urban Growth: Governance, Policy and Finance

This paper examines the importance of the third pillar of the 3C model: coordinated governance. Governance will be particularly crucial in many Emerging Cities where current levels of capacity are … Continue reading

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The New Urban

Urbanization has been a fixture in the development of most countries in South-East Asia for more than 40 years. The massive and rapid growth of urban agglomerations, such as Bangkok, … Continue reading

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Twinning the goals : how can promoting shared prosperity help to reduce global poverty?

This paper simulates the global poverty headcount under three growth scenarios for the bottom 40 percent up to 2030. The analysis deploys a set of”shared prosperity premiums,”in which the bottom … Continue reading

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Data revolution at 15,000 feet

There has been perhaps too much emphasis on sample surveys to estimate indicators around poverty and service delivery. More needs to be done both to improve detailed and timely government … Continue reading

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Agents of Change and their critical role in societal development: The Case of Maré.

Originally posted on {FAVEL issues}:
[Guest Post by Marcela Pizano Castillo] Credits: Image for the top of the post. Image by Marcela Pizano Castillo Last year I decided to take part…

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How to build future cities as if people mattered

Originally posted on The Urban Technologist:
(An infographic depicting realtime data describing Dublin – the waiting time at road junctions; the location of buses; the number of free parking spaces…

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Just Cities for Children: Voices from Urban Slums

Just Cities for Children: Voices from Urban Slums highlights World Vision’s experience in supporting children to express their ideas for a better city to key decision makers on a global … Continue reading

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